Another Year!

Well 2023 is here and I couldn’t be happier about it. 2022 had a slew of crummy events that I am glad are behind me and I am looking forward to this new year. People are realizing that we will have to live with covid  forever, so we will have to stop shutting everything down and actually deal with it as it is. A new Congress will probably waste as much of the people’s money as the last one. The goats next door will probably keep making strange sounds that sound like a cross between a sneeze and a fart. Some things change and some things remain the same.

A constant however is that there will always be change in my life. Some of it is great and some really isn’t fun. But it will always be there. Even at the age of 53, I’m constantly having to remind myself that it is how I deal with the change, be it good or bad, that determines whether I can grow from it or not. There were a few things that were hard to deal with in 2022. Work was really slow. I usually shoot several commercials each year along with teaching commercial classes and other gigs. 2022 gave me one commercial, no classes and a tiny smattering of side gigs. If it weren’t for savings, we would have been in severe trouble. Not only was our IVF journey financially draining (and how!), but the heartache and disappointment was beyond belief. And just the general sadness of watching the world spiral into disarray has had me feeling blue. But again, it is up to me to join the masses in either burning down the world through anger, ignorance and lack of responsibility or stand with those who want to bring healing to the world through peace, knowledge and understanding. There is a lot of the world that just wants to blame others for the hurt out there. I get it. There is a ton of injustice in the world. But while people protest about green energy by slashing tires of SUVs in big cities, children are becoming deformed and dying from the cobalt mines in Africa that produce those “wonderful” lithium ion batteries for our electric cars. We’ve got to see the big picture. We’ve got to reach out to the person we don’t want to reach out to. We’ve got to love one another when the other wants nothing to do with “my kind”.  And “we” has got to start with “me”. So instead of saying I’m going to eat less Blue Bell in 2023 (let’s get real), I do see this as a year of introspection and morphing for me. I will get back to the person who wasn’t so jaded and sad. I hear I used to be pretty fun. I will look at those angry people around be in a way that God would want me to look at them- as hurt people who are lashing out, just wanting to be heard. I will still work my butt off in this crazy industry to get more gigs. In fact, I’ve already shot a commercial in the first week of the year and had two auditions. I will take better care of myself step by step. I know better than to go for huge dietary or workout changes that will burn out fast. But I will be more cognizant of myself and the needs of my body, my mind and my spirit.

This is a new year and a time a new beginnings. But ultimately, it is up to me to make sure that by the end of this year, I have done all I can to make my world and the world in general, a better place.

Happy New Year, hopefully for all.

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