I’m confused- what week is this?

Journal entry 1,312

I’ve been lost at sea for over four years now with no end in sight…


At least that’s what it’s felt like since we have been on hiatus. Since missing two weeks in November, I’ve been aimlessly wondering around not knowing what to do with myself. Since joining the wonderfully named Austin Working Group, I have given up everything in my life so that I can focus on this class. I sold my dog. I stopped making payments on my car. And I dropped off my wife at a mental hospital with some made up condition. I’m sure she’s fine. But the important thing is that I am immersed in the amazing world of acting. Stanislavski was also known for his dedication. In fact, in the sequel to the Stanislavski Method, it was well noted that “Stan”, as he liked to be called, would spend weeks literally eating scripts for sustenance and nothing else simply to immerse himself in the current project. And while he satisfied the requirement of fiber in his diet, the scripts did nothing for his other dietary needs.

Anyway, back to me. I sit here at McDonald’s using their free wifi since I sold my home to identify more as the homeless starving actor and I can tell you that I am so incredibly ready to play the part of the oversimplified, confused, disillusioned, committed actor who clearly doesn’t have all his priorities in place.

But I can tell you this (this part is actually true): through much annoyance and dissatisfaction at the lack of auditions in the last year or three, I have had three auditions and a callback since Wednesday and one more audition I will tape after class that is due on Monday. I’ve been an A/C installer, a zookeeper, a CPAP user, a know it all dad and tomorrow an annoyed diner at a restaurant trying to ignore some aging 80s musicians at the next table. It’s a good variety and I’m very grateful for the opportunities. And I booked a commercial for Jan 4 which I’m thrilled to start off the year with a bang that way. And while I’m still annoyed that I’m not seeing hardly any theatrical auditions for my agent, I am very lucky to get to do what I love. And with the opportunities I’ve had this week and hopefully more in the near future, some more bookings as well!

So since they are closing up here at McDonald’s, I have to go back to my awesome cardboard box under the overpass. I have this hilarious neighbor who thinks he’s Napoleon. Ahh, the acting life. There’s nothing like it! At least that’s what my wife used to say. I wonder how she’s doing…

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