New Perspective

Well the new year started out pretty nice. I booked a commercial for Seconds and Surplus that shot last week. I had a great time on set, talked to the two alpacas in the back yard of the shoot location and made a little money to help furnish the quaint cardboard box we have under the overpass of I35. Nothing says classy like a new shower curtain over the entrance to help keep the rain out.

My wife Cheryl had her birthday this past week too. And while she’s not a big fan of birthdays, I am. So I made sure she had some special presents hidden around the property that she had to find like a scavenger hunt. Nothing says love like a pair of comfy socks hanging from a tree 200 paces away from the storage shed (she loves socks).

On Monday, we joined a cast of nine actors for a table read in Rockwall for a script based on the book of Job. It’s a story that usually depresses people, and there was plenty of rough stuff in the script. But the story brought forth hope like a spring flower had to wait through a long winter to bloom. The group was amazing as well and I hope to see them all again soon. Nothing says great times like a room full of wonderfully weird people.

Then there was the part last week where I had some cancer removed. Yep. Surreal. It was only skin cancer and I completely didn’t see it as a big deal until I noticed how it was affecting my wife. And when I looked into the condition deeper, I saw that there could be some cause for concern. When the doctor worked on me, she found other spots on the top of my head that might cancerous as well so she got those as well. I guess it’s good that I have so little hair up there so she cold spot them (pun intended). There will be a follow up in six weeks and the spots don’t look like they’ll scar much. Maybe I’ll get more bad guy roles with facial scars. Who knows?

But the whole experience was and is, as I said, surreal. My mom and her mom had cancer. Plenty of people have it. One of my close friend’s mom just started chemo with stage four pancreatic cancer and it’s ripping my friend up. I don’t fear death. Never have. But I certainly don’t like to see the people I care about go through that kind of grief. Like I said, I don’t think mine is going to be a big deal at all. But it really does change your perspective.

Nothing says Happy New Year like work, alpacas, friends gathering and cancer!

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