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The longest class I’ve had as an actor has been 6 weeks- once a week for a few hours. I remember learning a lot and a few techniques helped me in auditions. But I noticed the trends of workshops over the years. They basically had popular CDs that would have an overcrowded class listen to them go on about their career for a third of the class, then use the remainder of the class to do scene study for usually one and sometimes two scenes. The critique was usually vague with subtle changes to make. But never in my years of classes did I see an instructor tell me or anyone in a class that we were wrong, or made a bad choice or should rethink a career in acting. Not that an actor craves to hear they stink, but we’ve all been in classes where one or more students were just…rotten.

When I grew up playing sports, whether it was baseball or soccer or basketball, I had coaches that would tell me when I did something wrong and follow that with one or more solutions to try since everyone is different and some solutions may work better than others. But in my experience in the acting world, rarely do I see a teacher tell me I’m doing something wrong. Just like in baseball, the goal is to get a hit. And if I don’t learn the proper stance, swing, eye contact and determination, I will not get on base.

My desire for this two year class is to sharpen and hone my skills as an actor- to get a hit. I’m hoping to do well, to work hard and if I miss something, I hope to be told what I did wrong so I may grow and the others may learn from my mistake as well.

My training as an actor has always been by jumping in the water. I never went to film school or even drama in high school. I just did it. So in finally learning about Stanislavski in a class setting is something I’m thrilled about. And as a lover of history, to find that his directing was controlled by the state was fascinating, especially in a world that is becoming more and more state controlled. I am also excited about The Camera Smart Actor which Amazon says will be here today or tomorrow.

Even though I’m not a fan of blogging (journaling is awesome but it was always a way of processing and venting to myself and not others), I am first and foremost wanting to learn. And if blogging helps me be a better actor, let’s do it!

As for what has affected me in class so far, I will save that for another entry as most of what I have seen is introductory. I have enjoyed how Sally has shown us how to connect with the CD through the personal questions they ask at auditions. I was always told those questions were for something else, but connecting with a CD is something I certainly value!

So until next week, I bid thee adieu!

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